Keep Delta 8 Legal in Kentucky!

Tuesday, June 15, the Kentucky State Police raided two legal hemp businesses in Morehead, KY. The Kentucky Hemp industry is fighting back!

A lawsuit was filed in Boone Circuit Court and the Judge granted our Temporary Injunction. However, Senate Bill 170, as written, will completely ban any and all "intoxicating" cannabinoids. It will make Delta 8, Delta 10, THCO, THCP and HHC synthetic cannabinoids and make them a schedule 1 controlled substance. Which means we will no longer be able to offer these helpful cannabinoids to our customers. 

YOU can help STOP this! CALL 1-800-372-7181 and leave a message for your Representative, the House Judiciary Committee and the House AG Committee and ask them to vote NO on SB170. This bill goes too far and will only harm the entire hemp industry.

Join the Kentucky Hemp Association to protect businesses and individuals.

The Kentucky Hemp Association (KYHA) is a unified, statewide hemp organization that focuses on inclusion and the betterment of all stakeholders within Kentucky’s hemp industry. We advocate for business opportunities that will kick-start and sustain Kentucky’s hemp industry and facilitate educational and networking opportunities to create valuable, long-term connections.

Donate to the effort

You can donate to the effort by sending a check to the Kentucky Hemp Association P.O. Box 23176, Lexington KY 40523. Make sure to add Delta 8 or D8 to the memo.

Alternatively, you can donate via PayPal by clicking here.

Contact Your Local Legislators

You can contact your local legislators by using this link.

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Use the hashtag #KeepD8Legal

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